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Hi friend, I'm Leah! Dog mom and lover of all things goofy. I have Cajun roots, although I have lived all over the world. I am a University of Oklahoma graduate (Boomer!) in a love/hate relationship with college football. I have an incredibly supportive husband that encourages me to chase my dreams. I am also a newlywed and as such, I understand both the importance and stress in ensuring that your photographs truly reflect how special this day was to you. I have a passion for capturing genuine emotion. I focus on the use of natural light and un-posed interactions to bring out the natural beauty and personality of my couples. Photography can be such an intimate experience, and I strive to make all my clients comfortable throughout the entire process.


Houston, Texas | See my Portfolio!

I am a... Wife and new Mama. Lover of Jesus, light, coffee, Autumn and people in love. Photographer striving to capture real, raw moments and emotion with every click.

Being able to witness and document something as beautiful as marriage is such a privilege and I would be honored to celebrate with you on your special day!


Houston, Texas | See my Portfolio!

I am a full time fire wife who has been married to my best friend for the past 14 years. I also have the honor of being a full time mother to six amazing children. My previous roles included high school and college mascot, swimmer, singer, performer, and all around hopeless romantic/ fine arts connoisseur. I traded in my microphone for diaper bags and an endless supply of coffee, never once looking back. I have loved photography my entire life, and was finally able to watch that dream come to fruition as I began taking photos professionally in 2012 and have truly been living my dream ever since.

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West Texas dweller for 17 years and a wife for 9. My favorite pastime is watching one of my favorite romantic musicals with a glass of wine and my dachshund in my lap. You better believe I'm singing every lyric. If I can make my kiddo giggle hysterically, then I call that day a "mom win".

My passion is to know my clients and to find out what makes their heart flutter. Capturing raw, beautiful emotion is my number one goal, always.


Lubbock, TX | See my Portfolio!

I am a mama to three beautiful babies and I have been happily married for 8 years now! Born and ( mostly ) raised in Texas! I strive to provide intimate and emotional images. My goal is for you to be able to show your children, grandchildren and friends these images and for them to be able to see the emotions you felt towards each other. I want your images to be real, honest and raw. I always find myself leaning towards deep rich tones, genuine laughs and sincere tears. Time is so unbelievably fleeting and I want you to have these memories and moments forever. I believe the connection between a couple is so precious and I want to capture your exact personalities.

Oh, and margaritas are life.



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I've been married to my husband since 2011. Our life changed forever in 2014 when we welcomed into our home precious twin girls. Adopting these ladies has been the greatest adventure we've ever been on. I love all things fall, coffee, and weekends with my family.



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Greetings! I am a graphic designer by day and a photographer really all the rest of the time. My niches are lifestyle/travel and I like to reflect that in my wedding work. The things you need to know about me are as follows: David Bowie is my king, I've devoted a substantial portion of my life to watching 90s sci-fi television, when it comes to music I struggle with branching outside of 70s-80s new wave but do on occasion dabble in some electropop, and finally I make a phenomenal kale chip. Let me take pictures of you and I promise you will come away with some virtually useless knowledge about the X Files!


Dallas, TX | See my Portfolio!

Self-taught photographer who has been toting around a camera for 8 years, and loves it more and more every single day! New wife, lover of coffee, airports, fireworks, manatees and good conversation with new friends and making people laugh! Comes from a huge family, has called Fort Worth home for 23 years and never plans on leaving.



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I love people and I love connecting with people (it is my passion)! But writing about myself is not, so here are a few things I can't live without!

Jesus | My hubby | My baby boy | Iced caramel lattes | Makeup | Target | Pink sparkly things

I'm a Texan, moving to the Rocky Mountains. I fell in love in Hawaii and got married in the valleys of Montana (where my hubby is from). I know what it's like to be in love and all the joys that go with it (like all the cute pictures you get to take together). Weddings are so much more to me than just taking pretty pictures, chances are I will cry with you when the vows are being read and celebrate with you at the reception! My goal is to become your friend and experience that magical sweet day with you, as you become husband and wife.


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Wife and mommy. I'm kind of a yarn addict. Loves baby everything. California born, Oklahoma based. Lover of all things pure and natural. One of my biggest passions is making and creating things with my hands. I love capturing special moments so they can last a lifetime and for future generations to enjoy. I have been photographing weddings since 2014.



Oklahoma City, OK | See my Portfolio!

Free spirit at heart. Traveling barefooted and capturing the little moments of life. Newly married to my best friend. Chocolate and Fall-eater lover. Coffee is a must- no questions asked. Have photographed weddings since 2011.

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I am an 19 year old photographer who is learning more each day! I am a big lover of life! I was born and raised in H-Town (Houston) TX, but I hope to travel many places, experience many things, and take many pictures along the way! I love laughter, road trips, finding joy in little things, and my heart beats for roadside wildflowers. My goal as a photographer is first, be your friend! I want to laugh hard, jam to your favorite songs, and simply have the best of times! Second, I want to capture those genuine, raw moments with the one you love. And I’m a sucker for candids.




My name is Missi, and I am a Colorado Native from a small country town living in a big city with my husband and daughter. I live for coffee, Dr Pepper, finding new places, trying new things, meeting new people, and seeing where it all connects.

I am a couple's photographer, searching to capture all stages of growth in a relationship. Whether it's the beginning stages of dating, the "next step" in a proposal, an adventurous elopement, or an anniversary celebrating the trials of marriage. Big "events" do not inspire me like the two people who are choosing each other, do.

I am also a writer/blogger. I write about motherhood, my plant-based lifestyle, specialty coffee, ethically sourced items, as well as happenings in life. I relate to others with my writing, not just in stages of parenthood, but in displaying vulnerability in hopes of encouraging others along their journey.

Team Director & Owner

Madeleine Frost

Madeleine is the second oldest, first girl, of 11 kids. She is a big city dreamer with strong convictions. Whose heart beats for art and is crazy in love with L O V E.

Nights are late – coffee is black – journals are written in.

On October 25, 2015, she made the best decision of her life… to elope and marry her best friend (yes, they still fall more in love everyday).


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As a 15 year old young photographer/artist I am deeply in love with couples and weddings!! I am the fifth of eight children and we are all artist and musicians. Capturing every special moment is what I live for. Born and raised in Texas, I love exploring, traveling on long car rides, playing piano, listening to music, and FLUFFY BLANKETS! Photography is my greatest passion and learning under The Frost Collective is an opportunity that I am extremely grateful for. Though I am young, my goals for the future include, shooting weddings, engagements, and couples! As a (future professional) photographer, I look forward to personally getting to know you. Grabbing a drink in a nice coffee shop, or maybe even a nice dinner, and learning more about your love story is very important to me. Keeping relationships and learning about how you fell in love is a high priority in my eyes. I am ready for my future and what Jesus has in store for my life.

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