Romance in Uniform - Engagements in Austin, TX

I was so impressed with Valerie and Junior's sweet spirit and love and patience. They are such a joy to work with and I cannot wait for their wedding date to come!!!

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Enchanting Garden Engagements in Dallas Texas

Ashlyn and Ryan were such a fun—and not to mention extremely fashionable— couple! We made a day of exploring the Dallas Arboretum and surrounding areas for their winter engagement shoot.

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Romantic Outdoor Ceremony in Tomball, TX

Jordan & Lauren | Tomball, TX | Photos by Leah

"Jordan and Lauren's wedding day was filled with family, friends and lots of laughter. It was a beautifully warm November day with the most gorgeous cotton candy sunset. It was so special to see all of the family that had flown in from all over the country to celebrate with them and I am honored to have been able to be a part of it!"

A Brave Love Story: Makenzee + Bryan's Texas Engagements

Makenzee & Bryan  |  WG Jones State Forest in Conroe, TX  |  Photos by Rachel

Makenzee's Story is Featured at the links seen below:

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Makenzee courageously decided to share her story with us and the whole world!!!

"This is probably the most difficult thing I will ever do in my life.

While taking our engagement pictures I decided that it was time to stop hiding from the one thing I tried hardest to hide for almost 15 years and embrace in my true self. I was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis when I was 8 years old. It is a disease where all of your hair follicles suddenly stop growing and the doctors can not figure out why or what will bring it back. They call it the mystery disease. Nothing else is wrong with the body other than hair will not grow which as you can imagine for a young girl, is a huge confidence killer. A women’s hair is their beauty and a main part of their self image. I experienced lots of bullying in the early years and along the way I lost all hope that I could ever feel beautiful again. Until I met Bryan. I have never felt more confident or more beautiful than I do with him by my side. He has helped me be brave and realize that hair is not what makes you beautiful and is not what makes people love you, it is truly all about what’s on the inside and for that I am forever grateful for him. He has shown me that the people who love you do not care whether or not you have hair and the ones who do are not worth your time or your love. So this is me, the true me. " -- Makenzee Meaux

"Makenzee and Bryan are pretty much the sweetest couple ever. They have a cute little country flair about them and an undeniable spark. They were a joy to photograph and super fun! They were even down for climbing up on giant hay bales! I was sure someone saw us jumping back and forth from each side like crazy people! 
Makenzee decided we should do some photos of her without her wig, which I was so happy to do! She and Bryan wore blue for Alopecia awareness as we shot some gorgeous golden hour magic through the pine trees. Makenzee definitely proves that bald is brave and beautiful! It made me tear up a little bit; we are going to rock their wedding day!!" -- Rachel, TFC Photographer

Makenzee had this to say about Rachel! --"Rachel was Amazing!! She was so friendly and easy to talk to from the start! She also made us feel so comfortable throughout the entire session! We LOVE all of our photos and we highly recommend her! We can’t wait for her to shoot our wedding!"

Elegant & Intimate Wedding in Conroe, TX

Courtney + Marshall  |  Belle Rose Mansion in Conroe, TX  |  Photos by Rachel

"Courtney and Marshall tied the knot encircled by their family and closest friends at sunset under the oak trees at a romantic french country estate. Their laid back, yet elegant day was complete with DIY florals, beautiful table settings, and country charm. It was so fun to celebrate their adorable and one-of-a-kind love as they danced the night away in each other's arms!" -- Rachel, TFC Photographer

Romantic Autumn Wedding in Texas

Chelsea + Justin | Magnolia, TX | Photos by Christi

"From our very first meeting, to the very last goodbye, I couldn't stop smiling.  Justin's boyish smile, whenever Chelsea's name was mentioned; the light in Chelsea's eyes every time Justin walked in the room- these are just a couple of the beautiful things I noticed while working to capture their love story.  Anyone who has spent any time with Justin and Chelsea can tell that they truly were made for each other.  It was my great joy to watch as their love story played out during their engagement session, and then finalized as they said their vows.  I love, love. I love watching two people celebrate love.  Even more so, I love when those two people share a bond that is undeniably unshakable.  As demonstrated by their hand written vows, the tears in Justin's eyes as he witnessed the approach of his bride-to-be, Chelsea's beautiful smile when she locked eyes with her husband-to-be, and all of the testimonies of those who know you best, Justin and Chelsea, I can tell that yours is going to be a story, THE story that others will remember with fondness whenever they think about love.  Thank you for the honor of being able to capture your big day!  What a joy!!!  Congratulations,  you two, and many prayers for a joy-filled first year together!"  -- Christi, TFC photographer