Romance in Uniform - Engagements in Austin, TX

I was so impressed with Valerie and Junior's sweet spirit and love and patience. They are such a joy to work with and I cannot wait for their wedding date to come!!!

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Sweet Engagements in Dallas Texas


Shelby & Brandon | Dallas, Texas | Photos by Mercy

"I loved my time with Shelby and Brandon! They had this energy together that is unique in couples, the kind of energy that brings ease and grace to a photo session! I loved watching them interact and laugh with each other, they simply seemed like best friends, and I loved that about them!  They kept me laughing too! We had a great time and it shows in their portraits.

I really can't wait for their wedding day! I know it will be full of joy and celebration as these two long-time-lovers become man and wife surrounded by all their dearest friends and family!" - Mercy, Photographer for TFC

Enchanted Engagements in Fredericksburg

Amber + Trevor | Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX | Photos by Rachel

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"Where to begin about Amber and Trevor?? They were just the most fun ever with the sweetest connection! We decided to take on the challenge of hiking up Enchanted Rock for their engagements. And it was no easy feat but TOTALLY worth it! Between avoiding cacti, using out best ninja moves to keep from falling, and Amber having to switch out shoes every stop, it was challenging but look at the magic! Amber’s momma and Rachel’s husband were graciously there to help with carrying all of our supplies! Go team! We definitely had many laughs to go around between the five of us!" - Rachel, TFC Photographer