Romantic Autumn Wedding in Texas

Chelsea + Justin | Magnolia, TX | Photos by Christi

"From our very first meeting, to the very last goodbye, I couldn't stop smiling.  Justin's boyish smile, whenever Chelsea's name was mentioned; the light in Chelsea's eyes every time Justin walked in the room- these are just a couple of the beautiful things I noticed while working to capture their love story.  Anyone who has spent any time with Justin and Chelsea can tell that they truly were made for each other.  It was my great joy to watch as their love story played out during their engagement session, and then finalized as they said their vows.  I love, love. I love watching two people celebrate love.  Even more so, I love when those two people share a bond that is undeniably unshakable.  As demonstrated by their hand written vows, the tears in Justin's eyes as he witnessed the approach of his bride-to-be, Chelsea's beautiful smile when she locked eyes with her husband-to-be, and all of the testimonies of those who know you best, Justin and Chelsea, I can tell that yours is going to be a story, THE story that others will remember with fondness whenever they think about love.  Thank you for the honor of being able to capture your big day!  What a joy!!!  Congratulations,  you two, and many prayers for a joy-filled first year together!"  -- Christi, TFC photographer