Romance in Uniform - Engagements in Austin, TX

Junior and Valerie | Austin, TX | Photos by Rachel

"The day of Valerie and Junior's shoot, at first it was looking like the normal beautiful day in Austin with the sun shining and big puffy clouds dotting the sky. But of course as my luck would have it, as soon we arrived to the actual location, the rain started. We were able to snap a few shots of this gorgeous couple before I totally slipped and fell backwards into a large body of water!! With my use of mad ninja skills and instinct, all gear was saved and we were able to get out of there safely and save the rest of the shoot for a prettier day. I was so impressed with Valerie and Junior's sweet spirit and love and patience. They are such a joy to work with and I cannot wait for their wedding date to come!!! Rain, stay away!" --Rachel, Photographer for The Frost Collective